Mackerel fillet, in tomato sauce, 70 % mackerel, canned, Stabburet

Energy in 100 g

1,065 kJ (257 kcal)

Nutritional Information

Portion Size:

Macro nutrients

Water: 62 g
Fat: 21 g
Protein: 13.2 g
Carbohydrate: 3.2 g
Dietary fibre: 1 g
Energy content
Fat: 73 E%
Protein: 21 E%
Carbohydrate: 5 E%
Dietary fibre: 1 E%
Dietary fibre
  • Energy in 100 g: 1,065 kJ (257 kcal)
  • Edible part: 100 %

Fat23321 g73%
CarbohydrateMI01813.2 g5%
Dietary fibre2331 g0%
Protein23313.2 g21%
Alcohol500 g0%
WaterMI014262 g-


Starch2330 g
Sugar, totalMI_SUGAR_NO3.2 g
Sugar, added3310.7 g


Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

Fat-soluble vitaminsSourceQuantity% of RDA
Vitamin AMI032573 µg-RE9 %
Beta-carotene233347 µg
Retinol23344 µg
Vitamin D2334 µg40 %
Vitamin E2333.3 mg-ATE27 %
Water-soluble vitaminsSourceQuantity% of RDA
Vitamin B1 (thiamin)2330.06 mg4 %
Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)2330.29 mg18 %
Vitamin B3 (niacin)2335.8 mg
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)2330.43 mg23 %
Vitamin B9 (folate)23330 µg9 %
Vitamin B12 (cobalamin)2336.5 µg162 %
Vitamin C (askorbic acid)2333 mg2 %

Minerals and trace elements

Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

MineralsSourceQuantity% of RDA
Calcium (Ca)23319 mg1 %
Potassium (K)233490 mg14 %
Sodium (Na)233340 mg
Salt (NaCl)MI01200.9 g
Phosphorus (P)233160 mg25 %
Magnesium (Mg)23338 mg12 %
Trace elementsSourceQuantity% of RDA
Iron (Fe)2330.9 mg8 %
Copper (Cu)2330.11 mg12 %
Zinc (Zn)2330.8 mg5 %
Selenium (Se)23328 µg32 %
Iodine (I)2339 µg6 %


The foods in Matvaretabellen are described using a classification system called LanguaL. LanguaL stands for "Langua aLimentaria" or "language of food". This language enables standardized descriptions of foods.

A0267Seafood or seafood product (US CFR)
A0803Seafood product (EUROFIR)
B1790Atlantic mackerel
C0268Skeletal meat part, without bone, without skin
E0122Divided or disintegrated
F0014Fully heat-treated
G0003Cooking method not applicable
H0151Spice or herb added
H0350Tomato added
J0123Sterilized by heat
K0037Packed in gravy or sauce, vegetable
M0151Metal container
M0194Can, bottle or jar
N0001Food contact surface not known
P0024Human consumer, no age specification
Z0112Food industry prepared
Z0220Not drained


Estimated as a naturally occurring zero value, not analysed.
Data from the industry to the Food Composition Table 2013, calculated value from industrial recipe.
Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Nutrient analysis 2022. Plant-based products used as cheese and ham, mackerel in tomato sauce, cod liver oil, pepperoni and dried fruit. Published report (2022): "Analyse av næringsstoffer og uønskede stoffer i vegan- og fiskepålegg, tran, pepperoni og tørket frukt".
Frydenberg, H & Carlsen MH. Sugar project 2021-2022. University of Oslo, department of nutrition.
Salt equivalent calculated from sodium (NACL[g]=2.5*NA[mg]/1000.0)
Water by difference (WATER[g] = 100 - PROT[g] - FAT[g] - CHO[g] - FIBT[g] - ALC[g])
Carbohydrate, available calculated from sugar and starch (CHO[g] = SUGAR[g] + STARCH[g])
Fatty acids, saturated, calculated as the sum of individual fatty acids, excluding branched chain isomers (FASAT[g] = F4:0[g] + F5:0[g] + F6:0[g] + F7:0[g] + F8:0[g] + F9:0[g] + F10:0[g] + F11:0[g] + F12:0[g] + F13:0[g] + F14:0[g] + F15:0[g] + F16:0[g] + F17:0[g] + F18:0[g] + F18:0DO[g] + F19:0[g] + F20:0[g] + F21:0[g] + F22:0[g] + F23:0[g] + F24:0[g] + F25:0[g] + F26:0[g])
Fatty acids, monounsaturated, calculated as sum of individual fatty acids, cis isomers only (FAMSCIS[g] =F10:1CIS[g] +F12:1CIS[g] +F14:1CIS[g] + F15:1CN8[g] + F16:1CIS[g] + F17:1CIS[g] + F18:1CIS[g] + F20:1CIS[g] + F22:1CIS[g] + F24:1CIS[g])
Fatty acids, polyunsaturated, calculated as sum of individual fatty acids, all-cis isomers only (FAPUCIS[g] = F16:2CN4[g] + F16:3CN3[g] + F18:2CN6[g] + F18:2CN9[g] + F18:3CN3[g] + F18:3CN6[g] + F18:4CN3[g] + F20:2CN6[g] + F20:3CN3[g] + F20:3CN6[g] + F20:3CN9[g] + F20:4CN3[g] + F20:4CN6[g] + F20:5CN3[g] + F22:2CN3[g] + F22:2CN6[g] + F22:4CN6[g] + F22:5CN3[g] + F22:5CN6[g] + F22:6CN3[g] + F24:2CN6[g])
Vitamin A activity calculated from retinol and beta-carotene (factor 1/12) (VITA[µg] = RETOL[µg] + (CARTB[µg] / 12))
Sugar calculated as the sum of fructose, glucose, lactose, maltose and sucrose (SUGAR[g] = FRUS[g] + GLUS[g] + LACS[g] + MALS[g] + SUCS[g])

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